Feature Interviews & Articles

Jeremy Griffith’s understanding of the human condition has been the subject of many radio and television interviews with Jeremy, as well as numerous articles in the print media, such as the following:

  • Review of FREEDOM in the Montréal Review by Prof Harry Prosen

    Two reviews of Jeremy’s book FREEDOM by Professor Harry Prosen, a former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association and one of the world’s leading psychiatrists, were published in The Montréal Review, a prestigious international online magazine whose contributors include Pulitzer Prize winners, thought leaders and opinion makers, world-class journalists and academics. The first review is titled ‘The Psychological Rehabilitation Of The Human Race Through Understanding The Human Condition’ and appeared in the July/August 2021 issue; and the sequel, titled ‘Leaving Plato’s Cave’, appeared in the September/October 2021 issue. Given Professor Prosen was a Canadian by birth it is highly fitting that his endorsements of Jeremy’s work now appear in one of Canada’s most respected journals!

  • The Interview of Jeremy Griffith by Craig Conway

    Jeremy has conducted many interviews about his understandings of the human condition over the years which have created a great deal of interest. The earliest was his 1988 interview by the esteemed Australian journalist Caroline Jones on her flagship ABC Radio National program, The Search for Meaning, which received the second biggest response in the program’s twice-weekly, eight year history. Most recently, his 2020 interview by the acclaimed British actor, producer and broadcaster Craig Conway has created an extraordinarily enthusiastic response. In fact, Professor Prosen has described it as ‘the most important interview of all time!’ Watch or read the THE Interview here.

  • Jeremy’s Spectator article about the danger of the left wing

    Jeremy Griffith’s ability to think truthfully about the human condition allowed him to finally explain the psychology behind the politically correct culture of the Left, which is the insight that has been desperately needed to disempower the Left’s madness. THIS SPECTATOR ARTICLE HAS GONE VIRAL—obviously because everyone is at their wit’s end trying to stop the stampede of left-wing madness, and this piece finally exposes its delusion. In an email to subscribers, The Spectator described the extraordinary interest the article has generated: “Sometimes something that makes it all crystal clear comes along. And so it has been with Jeremy Griffith’s The fury of the left, explained. It’s going global because of the simplicity of its message: the right stands for reason, the left dogma. It’s booming in the States.” The article also led to a national television interview with Jeremy on Sky News Australia with Australia’s leading broadcaster Alan Jones and former senior federal politician Graham Richardson.
    Read the article here.

  • ‘Eucalypts are incinerators from hell dressed up as trees’

    Jeremy Griffith’s ability to think truthfully about the human condition also allowed him to get to the bottom of the problem of the terrible bushfires in Australia in 2019/20. This article has also had wide circulation and led to national radio and television interviews with Jeremy in Australia, and was extensively reviewed in the UK’s most read newspaper, the Daily Mail. (See Jeremy’s crocodile illustration.)
    Read the article here.

  • iMagazine article about Jeremy Griffith

    At the time of the launch of FREEDOM the prestigious i-Magazine in the UK published this profile piece about Jeremy Griffith and his explanation of the human condition.
    Read the article here.

  • Irish Times Article by Jeremy Griffith

    Also at the time of the launch of FREEDOM, the Irish Times invited Jeremy Griffith to summarise his understanding of the human condition that is contained in his book FREEDOM, which they then published as a feature article.
    Read the article here.