Jeremy Griffith portrait - founder of the World Transformation MovementAustralian biologist and author Jeremy Griffith has dedicated his life to bringing fully accountable, biological explanation to the dilemma of the human condition — how do we explain our species’ extraordinary capacity for what has been called ‘good’ and ‘evil’? While it’s undeniable that humans are capable of great love and empathy, we also have an unspeakable history of greed, hatred, rape, torture, murder and war; a propensity for deeds so shocking and overwhelming that the eternal question of ‘Why?’ has seemed depressingly inexplicable. Even in our everyday behaviour, why, when the ideals of life are to be cooperative, selfless and loving, are we so ruthlessly competitive and selfish that human life has become all but unbearable and our planet near destroyed? How could we humans possibly be considered good when all the evidence seems to unequivocally indicate that we are a deeply flawed, bad, even ‘evil’ species?

See for Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough explanation of
the human condition, and for the World Transformation Movement that promotes it.

Watch Jeremy Griffith explain the human condition below.

Jeremy established the World Transformation Movement in 1983 (originally established as the Foundation for Humanity’s Adulthood), and has published six books, including the bestseller A Species In Denial in 2004, and in 2016 his summa masterpiece, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition.

The following has been said about FREEDOM:

‘Science’s holy grail of insight…Human behaviour explained at last…Finally, the redeeming understanding of us…Chapter 1 alone will transform you…This is the book we have been waiting for, it is THE BOOK THAT SAVES THE WORLD!’
, Former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, and former Chair, Psychiatry Department, Medical College of Wisconsin

“Griffith’s work is of immense importance. This is the book all humans need to read for our collective wellbeing.”
DR SCOTT D. CHURCHILL, Professor and former Chair, Psychology Department, University of Dallas

FREEDOM provides the necessary breakthrough in the critical issue of needing to understand ourselves.’
DR DAVID CHIVERS, University of Cambridge anthropologist and former President of the Primate Society of Great Britain

‘This book is actually written from a position outside of the human condition. It is just amazing; Griffith walks freely through all the psychosis of our troubled human condition and with such freedom is able to explain everything about us!’
TIM MACARTNEY-SNAPE, Biologist, mountaineer and twice-honoured Order of Australia recipient.

Jeremy Griffith and Harry Prosen in front of the bonobo enclosure at the Milwaukee County Zoo

Jeremy Griffith and Prof. Harry Prosen in front of the bonobo enclosure at the Milwaukee County Zoo

Jeremy Griffith with his book Freedom

Jeremy Griffith with his 2016 book FREEDOM